Saturday, May 5, 2012

A $500 high school?

This week I've been obsessed with this Nanette Lepore dress:

I first came upon it when flipping through an Oprah magazine and seeing it in a photo spread and absolutely falling in love with it. Then I was catching up on Glee this morning and guess what - Rachel Berry was wearing it! A high schooler! In a $500 dress! I typically don't get jealous of fictitious characters, but I couldn't help myself...I want it so badly! It's like one of my all-time favorite movies, Mrs. 'Arris Goes to Paris (you can enjoy it on Youtube here!)...only not quite. There's actually a Nanette Lepore boutique on Newbury Street, so I may have to go try it on...

At any rate, here are the pictures from this week's escapades:

New favorite product alert! When I was at Lauren's apartment for the Stella & Dot Trunk Show I washed my hands with this soap and couldn't get enough of the scent! Ran out and bought the soap first thing, now I have the cleaning spray, and after I use up my current laundry detergent, I'm buying this one. Go out and buy some NOW.

Re-discovered my love of cottage cheese. Extra tasty with trail mix and sliced strawberries on top.

Two weeks ago I bought an African Violet as my 'weekly flower' (and it's still going strong!)

Last weekend I met up with Hilary and Loren for some shopping at Quincy Market...of course that meant grabbing a lobster roll at Faneuil Hall first ;-)

I *love* shopping bags. They just make me feel extra special and like I'm treating myself when I have them (does that sound silly?)...I especially love the L'Attitude bag - great colors

My purchase - this cute clutch!

Wa-BAM - bet you didn't see that one coming! It also has a gold strap to become a small purse - a versatile going out accessory :)

This week's lunch - poblano chicken! Start by roasting the poblano peppers so it's easier to peel the outer skin off...

...then saute your chicken, add in Nestle Crema, season with salt/pepper/cayenne pepper..

...and dump in the sliced peppers et VOILA - tasty meal!

All set for the week - Spanish rice pilaf, the chicken, and black beans. SO. GOOD.

So I got the results from my gluten test back....and I'M FINE!!!!!!! Yippee!!!!! I celebrated with a large Oreo brownie :)

My beautiful walk to work....

I CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT ESS-A-BAGEL. It was literally one of the highlights of my trip to NYC. GO THERE.

My coworker Erik is moving on to a different company so we went to Trade for farewell drinks. This was the bartender's set-up (I thought it looked cool/pretty)

I got the drink called "He Has No Name" (lol)

My favorite chair in the can't get wireless here, so it's nearly impossible to do work, but it makes for a nice little reading nook on my lunch break.

Don't worry - I split it with Cullen! It's no Cookout, but it'll do...

Guess what came in the mail for me.... Pippa Necklace!!! You can go buy some awesome jewelry in the next 2 days using the link from the trunk show I hosted tonight by clicking here.

I went to South Station for lunch with Vanessa and we were treated to some live jazz music, which made my day

Cleaning my room in preparation for the potluck...I was inspired to use some of the postcards I've collected through my travels to decorate my vanity mirror - seeing them makes me happy :)

This week's flowers

I typically prefer red wines, but this white is just a little fruity and really tasty

Butter/sugar/lemon can only mean one thing...CREPE TIME!!!!!!!!!

Double time - left is my regular batter, right is dairy free (made with almond milk - quite tasty)

Tasty toppings

OMG YUM - sauteed mushrooms and spinach with caramelized onion and peppers with avocado topped with spices  = a flavor *explosion*

Oh hey girls! Some of the ladies enjoying the goodies

Lunchtime jazz

And there you have it! On a completely unrelated note, of friend of mine runs a website for parents looking to find out more information on sending their kids to college, so if you're in that boat, you can visit the website here. There's a TON of good information on there, so check it out!

Be sure to check back on Monday to see what came out of Manny's mouth this week...
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