Saturday, April 28, 2012

Instagram April

My mind is blank right now, so I'll let the pictures do the talking:

My FAVORITE candle on the planet - French Cade & Lavender from Anthropologie

I love my new glasses - *surprise!* they're leopard print inside :)

One of my all-time favorite purchases from France - my crepe cookbook. It'll come in handy this coming Saturday when I host a crepe potluck!

Oh, you know, the office...

Ah, she knows me so well! (Adanna was leaving for Turkey - yep the country - and almost missed her bus.)

CJ was gracious enough to have me over for dinner on Tuesday and I got to try THIS awesomeness - bisteeya, a Moroccan potato dish (SO GOOD)

CJ's boyfriend, Mark, was the chef that prepared our meal - here we have Moroccan chicken over couscous mmmmmmmmm

So on Thursday I had to go in to the doctor for a lactose intolerance was 3 hours, so I brought something to fill the time. This is my current endeavor - all 600+ pages of it.

(can you tell how much I love Instagram???) On Thursday evening, my friend Loren invited me to go to a Stella & Dot trunk show hosted by her friend Lauren. I had an awesome time and got to meet a few new girls, gossip about J Lo dating Casper Smart, enjoy a glass of Skinny Girl Margarita (new favorite beverage alert!), and purchase this necklace. If you want to purchase any of the beautiful jewelry, just go to her site:

I've discovered a new way of doing my hair! Pretty excited about it :) 

A step in the hair process - after washing/conditioning with an at-home keratin treatment, I blow dry it, straighten, and then use a curling iron to 're-curl' it into bigger curls. Then I just run my fingers through it to break up the curls and voila!

Can't get enough of Avana Sushi and the dumpling station next to it...

I was SO EXCITED to go out with my friend Vanessa! I haven't been feeling too well the past several weeks and haven't gotten to go out and 'get my groove on' in awhile, so it was super fun to go out with her (and man this girl can dance!)

All dolled up!

I was super stoked to get to hang out with my friend Loren as well! Earlier she and I went to a house party hosted by my friend Divesh, and then she and I went with Vanessa to District for Latin Night 

The ladies :)

I got to be in the DJ box! Woop woop! 

So, funny enough, I've had multiple people send me the article "12 Problems Busty Girls Have" (no idea what they're trying to say)...I figured out a way to handle #6 on the list - wear a bulky hoodie!

This cute little guy was on the T - we had fun smiling at each other :)

If I could have a BerryLine in my kitchen (à la Richie Rich), I would. I met up with my friend Tara for some froyo before she moves back to California....I'm sad to see her go, but was happy we could hang out and eat some delciousness before she did :)

Mmmmmmmm...original flavor with ground up Taza chocolate and candied pecans

Whole Foods is becoming my 'home away from home.' I get lost in the gorgeous displays and free food samples. The produce section is my favorite...

I'm still recovering from my night out (I know I'm still 'young' but I definitely can't be out all night like I was in college and still have the ability to function the next day!) so I'm going to head to bed...super pumped for church in the morning, meeting up with Hilary to do a little retail therapy, and cook this week's meals (so glad I already did laundry today!). Be sure to check back Monday for Musings with Manny - I have a great Instagram photo and more of the hilarity that comes from his mouth every day ;-)

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  1. I LOVE your blog! Really like your new hairstyle ;)

    1. Aw thanks Tara! I post every week, so there's more to come haha... Have a safe flight back to Cali!

  2. Can you believe I DID NOT recognize you at first in the B&W new hair style photo? Somehow I tied it in with the previous info and thought it was a professional shot for the StellaDot info! Anyway, the hair is gorgeous, as always. And I'll bet those 12 links to the busty blog were a direct result from the "All dolled up" pic--how could they not be?

    1. Hahaha Mom you crack me up! I'm glad you like it - I'm pretty stoked to have 'discovered' it and will be wearing it like that more often now :) And I can't help the busty-ness - gotta rock what my Momma gave me ;-)