Monday, October 10, 2011

Nashoba Valley....

On Saturday, I went to one of the most beautiful places I've seen in New England thus far: Nashoba Valley Winery. It was glorious! The weather was beautiful, the winery tour was fun (and the wines tasty), the picnic was scrumptious and the apple picking was relaxing... Here are some snapshots of the highlights:

The winery


Where all the wine comes from :)

As fresh as it gets

Family friendly location :)

There for the tasting ;-)

And a pumpkin patch too!

Time to carve jack-o-lanterns

Um, can you say YUM???? Fresh apple cider and an apple cider caramel donut...

Our first tasting

Wine-making machiney-thingy

Storing it in stainless steel gives it a 'crisper/cleaner' taste...right...

Barrels give the wine a 'woodier' flavor....who'd a thunk?

With my keepsake wine glass :)

Some of the gang

Looks like a time machine



Jumping, of course


Ninja jump

Can you believe this girl????

Adanna taught me ballerina poses

Aaaaaaaaaand scene

Aaaaaaaaaaaand scene (take 2)

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  1. Those apples are gorgeous. I especially love the clumps of very large apples at the top of the skinny little branches! Seems like they would be bent over. I'll be bringing you some apple butter from our very own apple picking mission here in WNC.....