Friday, September 23, 2011

Reasons I love Boston

It's been a busy past couple of weeks! Here's a sample of what I've been up to...

Gorgeous view of the Charles

I want to go sailing some day

Only in America...

Enjoying one of the last few days of summer

Michelle Branch!


And the whole concert was FREE

I made stuffed green peppers all by myself :)

Flatbread for pizza, beer, and bowling!

Candlepin bowling - OLD SCHOOL. The bowling pins are super skinny and the bowling balls are about the size of shot put balls (and no grip holes). Oh, and it doesn't clear pins away in between rolls (and you get 3 rolls) and you have to press a button to clear/reset the lane.

Shelbey and Radek

Go Radek!

I got some pretty sweet action shots


My turn!

Conch hush puppies with bbq sauce and an aioli dipping sauce

The church I've been attending - Highrock

Exhibit at the MFA


I went to a bar called "Drink" - you tell bartenders what you like/what you want to feel like and they make you something! I said I'd had a bad day at work and wanted to feel happy, bubbly, and fruity...of course that means an icy drink in a tiki glass with an umbrella :)

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  1. I truly laughed out loud when I read about your drink in a tiki glass--I want to go there! The pictures are great. You KNOW I want those hushpuppies!

  2. I completely blanked on what they're called when I was writing the post - they're actually conch *fritters* (oops)