Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rainy Day

Just a quick note before I get rolling on work... It's been a busy and awesome week!

It started out with a nice long weekend (wahoo Labor Day!) but I was sick on Saturday so I stayed inside watching TV all day long... On Sunday, Daron and I went to the SoWa Open Air Market and I met up with some new friends who I met through the UNC Alumni network. We all walked around and got to look at the produce, food stands, craft stands, vintage market, and FOOD TRUCKS... So so so yummy :) That night I went out with my friend Adrienne and her friends to a dance club (that's more a dive bar than a dance club) called Phoenix Landing where they were having 90's techno night with live DJs (interesting). On Monday, I got a lot of stuff done and went to meet up with another new friend from the alumni network for coffee in downtown...and lastly I took my very first Zipcar ride to go grocery shopping - it was so nice to be able to drive myself around! Then back to work on Tuesday (I went to the gym downstairs for the first time...I see myself spending a lot of time down there over the next few months), and this weekend I'm heading out to Rhode Island for a weekend away with all the EPs (my coworkers) for a relaxing weekend away. It's been rainy this week but that's ok - I've been inside, nice and warm and dry :)

This is where I ate lunch at the SoWa Market. They make all sorts of different kinds of grilled cheese sandwiches. I had a grilled cheese with muenster cheese, guacamole, and bacon with a side of truffled fries and blueberry lemonade to drink.

Phoenix Landing where they had 90's techno

The cookie monster cupcakes my coworker Amanda made and brought in today! How cute :)

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  1. I want the muenster cheese grilled sandwich---one of my favorites! I've just never had it with guac. Yum! You didn't tell me about RI. Hope it's a great time for you!