Sunday, September 11, 2011

How lucky am I???

What a weekend! I went to Rhode Island for the weekend to hang out with friends from work... The pictures say it all!

My room - it's coming together!

I love all my pictures :)

Daron and I went to the SoWa Open Air Market and this was one of the booths...except it was a truck! The fashion truck :)

See? How cool is that?

Lunch here mmmmmmm

10 food trucks all lined up and ready to choose from

Waiting to be picked up and ready for the awesome weekend!

Me and Amanda

View on the drive there


And then we found this little gem


Um yes, we ate this.

Laurence's front yard - so gorgeous!

We couldn't have asked for a more perfect afternoon


Enjoying the last bits of summer sun


Sunny days...

Sunset series

Enjoying our burgers and hotdogs :)

Fave shot


It was an amazing weekend :)

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