Saturday, October 15, 2011

A day out in Boston with Mom and Benjamin!

Mom and Benjamin have come to visit! Yesterday's weather was pretty yucky, but luckily they were able to spend most of the day in the Children's Museum and Benjamin wore himself out... Then we went to Tres Gatos for dinner and finally back home. This morning was a big day - take a look at the pictures to see what we were up to!

Patatas Bravas - I could eat these all day long...

Chef's Choice (meat)

Roast Snapper Something Something

Chef's Choice (Cheese)

Awwww, he's so sleepy...

Breakfast time!

Pretty fall leaves

We got to pet sting rays!

They felt weeeeeeeird...

There were a ton

I felt like I was snorkeling 

Fish are so pretty :)

One of my favorite shots from the aquarium


Haha another favorite picture from the aquarium...can you believe it's a real frog?


Pose for the camera!

Cute baby brother :)

At this point, we're on the Duck Tour. On a Duck Tour, you spend half the trip on land...half in the water!

Having so much fun!

Poor Benjamin is being swallowed up by all the hair ;-)

Love the cloud reflection on the building

Occupy Boston

Entering the water!

Mom got splashed...she didn't like that too well haha

Benjamin is happy we're *finally* in the water!

Amazing picture - note the seagull in flight :)

Windblown but happy :)

Our Duck!

View from our table at Faneuil Hall for a dinner of Lobster Rolls :)

So far, so good - tomorrow it's Johnny D's for breakfast and then a drive out to Nashoba Valley for apple picking!

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