Thursday, August 21, 2014

And so it went...

As many of you know, I love food. Many of you also know that I love French food. Even more of you know that I absolutely adore fine dining and tasting menus. This past Tuesday, my wildest culinary dreams came true and I dined at the Chef's Table at L'espalier with my amazing friend Simon. Let the wild rumpus of clanging pots and sizzling pans begin:

The stage is's a Tuesday, so not an incredibly busy night. This ended up working out in our favor because we got to talk more with the chefs working that evening. 

Getting our first course ready

Ready (courtesy of Simon's awesome new camera) - obviously Simon didn't get the memo that we were doing serious faces.

~To Begin~

To start: Apple Street Farm egg custard and Siberian Sturgeon Caviar. Light, frothy, buttery, delicious.

The saltiness and texture of the caviar contrasted nicely with the custard

To follow: Salad of melon and wild rose; ginger-lime sorbet, wooly pig and peppermint

Not only is the plating beautiful, but the presentation of each dish was impeccable. Our plates were served and then the rose water was misted onto the plate tableside (you can see the water droplets on the left side of the plate). This created a very fragrant aroma while eating light melons and crisp sorbet. I loved having the wooly pig (prosciutto-like in flavor) to add in a bit of salt to this sweet palette cleanser

Next: Melon cylinders filled with avocado and jicama, tomato salsa, and Maine crab with a grapefruit gelee and curry tomato water. 

On the side was a Tempura Soft Shell Crab with Remoulade (one of my favorite bites of the night)

My little melon forest 


~getting busier~

To follow: Deconstructed Maine lobster roll with uni custard, native corn veloute, bib lettuce, shaved celery, Apple Street Farm tomato, and brioche

Next: Roasted Hudson Valley foie gras with black mission fig topped with creme fraiche, balsamic gelee, arugula reduction, and brioche

Another one of my favorite plates of the night 

In my happy place - good food, good wine, good friend (another photo courtesy of Simon's awesome camera)

A few of the amazing chefs who prepared our meal: Pete McGough, Chase Devine, and Stephen Bushway

Intermezzo: Celery Sorbet with Raspberry Sprinkles in a homemade cone on a sugar and chocolate cake crumble 'dirt' with a house made Black Tea Sangria Shooter and a Jasmine and Black Tea gelee sphere

The gelee sphere was a fun surprise - when I bit down it 'burst' with a delicious gooey juice (similar feeling to a boba pearl)

This was such a fun presentation!

Appealing to the eyes and the tastebuds.

~The Mains~

First: Sous-vide Wild Salmon with Tangerine, Fennel, and Garlic Risotto Rice Paper

Followed by: Apple Street Farm Roasted Chicken with Summer Chanterelles and Corn Three Ways (creamed - the yellow sphere - baby corn and tomatillo corn relish)

Yet another favorite plate of the night - I'm not normally a huge chicken fan and hardly ever order it when I go out, but this was done to perfection


Showing the difference between a couple of the wines we had - each was delicious and expertly paired with our courses

Just look at the legs on that baby!

Piece de Resistance: Roasted Colorado Rack of Lamb with Merguez Sausage; Smoked Peppers, Roated Turnip, Harissa Jam, and Fermented Black Bean and Carot Jus

Is it possible to just call them all my 'favorite'?

If I weren't sitting at the Chef's Table in front of a full staff I would have picked up my plate and licked it clean. 


Ok so *this* is my favorite. Who doesn't love cheese???

I love this shot

I've tried finding a duplicate of L'espalier's Fig Bread (always served with their cheese course) because I love the texture of the bread but haven't found anything yet. Maybe they'll give me the recipe?

Aspiration: Michelin Stars

We may be in a fine dining establishment but we still know how to have fun - Forever Foodie Friends :)

Next: Another palette cleanser of Blueberry Cream Cheese, Blueberry Meringue, and Cucumber Shaved Ice

Isn't the color contrast beautiful?


And finally: Our Grand Dessert Tasting

This could be a meal in and of itself

Custard with Sous-vide Black Cherries, Chocolate Gelato, and Dark Chocolate Tuile 

Honey Comb, Sponge Cake, and Peach and Berry Gelee with Berry Meringue Drops

Chocolate Souffle with Black Currant Sauce and a Black Current Ice Cream Quenelle

So pretty and expertly crafted

Wrapping up for the night - they scrubbed and scraped every surface  

Winding down - a cappuccino with the thickest foam I've ever had for me and a double espresso for Simon

Final surprise: raspberry and strawberry meringues 'cooked' in liquid nitrogen! 



Extremely cold but oh so tasty!

Breathing liquid nitrogen (tee-hee)

So many spoons

Our menu for the evening... that we wouldn't forget

Leaving - only a few others were left in the dining salon

~El fin~

These photos and small descriptions can only begin to illustrate and describe the flavors, textures, aromas, and experiences that we had that night. I'm so incredibly lucky to have gotten to dine at such a wonderful restaurant at their Chef's Table! Until next time...

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