Sunday, July 21, 2013

Making Waves

You know...I'm going on 26 years old, I haven't done all that much in my life (in the grand scheme of things), and I have a lotta learnin' to do, but I *still* can't get over where I am right now. It just boggles my wee little mind at how awesome my life is. I've traveled the world, I live in an amazingly wonderful city, I have the coolest job, the greatest friends, go on fun trips, have the best church family, and love love LOVE my family family...I just get filled with so much happiness and wonder and joy I feel like I'll pop sometimes :)

On to pictures...

Very excited to be building my professional wardrobe - I ventured out to Wrentham Outlets last weekend and found an *amazing* deal going on at Ann Taylor. Hooray suits!

New business cards WOOT (call me for all your HR/payroll needs - I'll hook you up!)

Latest obsession - this vegan, all-natural puttanesca sauce. SO TASTY - you can get it on Amazon!

Proud of myself for the lunch I assembled this week - roasted carrots (thank you CJ for the recipe), hummus, kalamata olives, prosciutto, dates (from the Arab American festival I found in NYC), goat cheese, pretzel thins, and celery - NOMS

Even more noms? THIS DISH.

Let's get a close up, shall we? Roasted pork tenderloin over a red bliss potato mixture (with triple smoked bacon) topped with grilled mushrooms and green onions all surrounded by the most mouth-wateringly succulent green goddess aioli (garlic, thyme, other goodness). Must go back and get it again before they change the menu! 

Pork is easy to mess up, and that was the most moist, tender piece I've ever gotten. All gone.

Yesterday I ventured out with the girlies to Marblehead. We stopped into Maddie's Sail Loft for a bite and a quick pint (they certainly don't skimp on the beer)

Girl time :)

Of course we had to stop at the beach - I almost drove right past it but pulled a quick U-y and got prime parking

Going in for a picture and the water came up and surprised us - man it's COLD!

Fashion on the beach

I can't believe it's almost August already (where has 2013 gone?!?) but I am SO EXCITED for it go get here! My friend Simon is visiting from London and then my mom is coming up from North Carolina and I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!! Hurry up and get here already!!! 

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  1. Yes, I am hurrying (to get there) and wow! what a great commentary on family! I appreciate that!