Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fireworks, beach trips, NYC, 30th birthday parties...ya know, life :)

Gosh it's been a crazy few weeks! This new job is awesome but definitely puts my life right back into the fast lane! I've got quite a few things to share with you, so get ready!

Got my hair cut a couple weeks ago...this is my new bed head haha :) 

But this is how it looks when it's 'fixed'! Much better...

*Love* TJ Maxx cause I find gorgeous shoes like these at a fraction of the cost (which I need now that I'm starting out my new job)

Open mic night, Aletheia edition, at the local Starbucks

Celebrating Karla's birthday on our back porch - Han decorated it really well!

Kind of dark, but this is part of the group sitting on the bench

Birthday unicorn

Mad Hatter Party, roommate shot :)

Latest wine obsession - this delicious dessert wine from Tokaji, Hungary. It's sweet wtihout being syrupy or cloying and has overtones of honey - oh so refreshing

Grown-up grilled cheese (herb cheese blend)

Andy and I went out to find the fireworks this year

Front row seats on the esplanade!

A solo Friday night waiting for my 6 am bus to NYC

Last weekend I headed to the Big Apple to celebrate a friend's 27th birthday. First unexpected discovery - an Arab-American street festival! I bought some tasty dates and ate street food (my fave)

This is how we prepare for a house party...

I've been obsessed with Rod Dee's pad thai since I discovered it a couple of years ago and have refused to try any others until THIS masterpiece from Rhong-Tiam Express. Now I'm ruined - I can't have my favorite pad thai until I go back to New York...

Ready to rave! (Yes, that's glitter on my eyes)

The birthday boy is a man after my own heart - the ultimate planner haha

House party

Birthday boy!

At around midnight we headed to the roof deck to drink in the gorgeous view of Manhattan

*le sigh*

And we got a salsa lesson!

Late night pizza

NOMS - artichoke pizza

This gem popped up as a nearby location on Yelp so I decided to give it a shot. Otafuku boasts authentic takoyaki 

Takoyaki (octopus balls)

My takoyaki with okonomiyaki (savory pancake) - om nom nom 

Bye bye NYC - until next time!

Recently discovered a fresh and tasty Turkish restaurant right up the street from where I live! 

Istanbul'lu has amazing tapas

The cheese plate can't be beat...

Homemade Turkish sausage and hummus (shared all these plates with Andy, don't worry!)

My desk at work! Gotta have the family along :)

You know, I don't think I'd ever had a Slurpee before this past Thursday. It was 7/11 - free Slurpee day! The strawberry lemonade was soooooo addictive.

What what!!! New car for my new job - I've really missed driving around these past couple of years...

Now that I have wheels at my disposal, I decided to take advantage of the good weather and available ride to go on a spontaneous trip to the beach after work on Friday!

Had to take CJ with me, of course :)

She surprised me with a picnic! Pulled chicken bbq, bread from Montreal (you know you're special when someone shares their rationed bread with you), and roasted carrots. Fresh mango for dessert was the perfect end to the meal

Got to catch an awe-inspiring sunset

God is amazing, isn't He?

Besties :)

...and goofballs too ;-)


Yesterday I finally got a chance to catch up with some ConnectEDU friends - I grabbed a late lunch with Vanessa at Deep Ellum in Allston

Great outdoor patio and tasty foodstuffs. After this I got froyo with Adanna - she cracks me up!

Homemade omelette for breakfast this morning...then church, then shopping for business suits (!), and then...



Adam!!! (bottom right corner picture) Adam is one of the pastors at my church and his wife Hope threw a surprise birthday party for his 30th! A funny favor - bald caps so the guys could match Adam ;-)

Everyone waiting for the big surprise

He's here!

Susan helping Collin put on his bald cap :)

As you can see, things have been crazy busy but also awesomely fun. I love summer, I love my new job, I love my friends, I love Boston...couldn't be happier with life right now :-D
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  1. OMG. I don't remember seeing this AT ALL!! Your 'bed head' pic caught my attention on another page...

    1. Hahahaha I was wondering why I saw a comment on a post from so far back! Yeah that area on my side bar is for my post popular posts....glad you got to see this one! (Even if it is a year later...) ;-)