Friday, January 11, 2013

Monday Musings with Manny, Friday Edition


It's definitely been awhile, but I finally have something to share:

Manny: Em, can I have some more lotion (my "Be Enchanted" body lotion from Bath & Body Works that he's been using daily)
Me: [tossing bottle to him] You should just keep it over there
Manny: Nah, I don't want all the guys in the office to know.
Me: Yeah, like the smell doesn't give it away.
Manny: No, that just raises suspicion...[gives me weird look]
Jess: Your FACE raises suspicion

Hopefully now that I'm sitting much closer to him with this new office arrangement, I'll be able to report more frequently... ;-)

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  1. you should put a clearer pic of Manny maybe slopping on that cream, catch him in the act! haha

  2. the other side of the office is like a completely different world. that is all.