Sunday, June 17, 2012


It's been a crazy past week for me...honestly you never know what God's gonna throw at you, do you? Just gotta roll with the punches as best you can!

It's been a couple weeks since my last post, so here are a few (ok, more than a few) shots from the past several days.

This sign made me laugh out loud...

Love me some Anna's (waaaaaaaay better than Chipotle - yup, I just went there)

After a movie night with Han and James, we went out for some late night snacks at Redbones, the 'good' BBQ place up here...I've been pretty skeptical and hadn't tried it, but thought I'd give it a shot and see what all the fuss was about

Happy to be getting food (James on the left, Han on the right)

Mmmmmmmmmmm can't wait!

OMG - fried pickles, corn fritters, hush puppies, and buffalo wings YUM

NEW ROOMATES!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait for these guys to move in :)

Do you see that???? Emily made a word for 111 points!!!! Ok, I have to fess up that I had no idea it was actually a word (was trying everything I could), but apparently it is! It's a screen separating a church choir from the nave. Who knew?

Avocado Pina Colada? Mmmm, let's be adventurous (it was actually pretty good!)

Tasty bar apps

I got to hang out with Niraj for the first time in AGES

Mmmmmmmmm fresh sangria

Tentacles - can't make myself eat them

Very cool window display of old Singer sewing machines

I think I convinced Niraj he needs a leather jacket - this one ;-)

It was such a GORGEOUS day

Reflection of a building in a building

I can't believe I actually live here

And to complete any perfect day, you gotta have an Oreo ice cream cone from JP Lick's :)

They're back! I pass these flowers on my walk home every day and love seeing them - the contrast between the cobalt blue pot and the bright pink-ish red flowers is awesome

Making lunch for the week...

Shepherd's Pie! (So easy - just saute onions/garlic and add in hamburger meat and brown it, toss in frozen peas, corn, carrots, and some tomato paste and cook it all up; put in the bottom of a deep baking dish and then layer with your favorite version of mashed potatoes on top, sprinkle with cheese, and back at 350 for about 20-25 minutes - hearty, tasty, and filling)

So I found out on Monday that I had strep throat (ugh - no wonder I kept feeling crappy over the weekend haha)...Emily's get well kit? OJ, coffee, crepe, Alieve, and *of course* chicken noodle soup

I felt like I was a kid again haha

I got to Skype home earlier this week - who wouldn't love to wake up and talk to this face?!?!? Hahahaha this picture cracks me up every time I look at it :)

I had purchased some oil pastels and a sketch book a few weeks ago and finally decided to break them out

As you can tell, I'm not much of an artist haha

Yup, definitely felt like I was back in kindergarten

My mama loves me! She knew I was running low on the only chapstick I use (normally I have about 30 tubes of this stuff - no joke) so she surprised me with an emergency supply!

For Vanessa - she laughs every time she sees me eat my lunch like this. I always eat from the middle first and then the outside cause when you heat stuff up, the food around the outside gets the hottest and the stuff in the middle is cooler, so I start in the middle (so I won't burn my tongue) and work my way out. More than you ever thought you'd know about my lunchtime eating habits, huh?

Another favorite meal - Rod Dee pad thai. I could eat this every day

You might be sensing a theme....when Emily gets sick, she eats out a lot...

What Bostonians do on their lunch break

If I had an artistic bone in my body, I would have joined in

Om nom nom nom Chickpea Fritter from Clover Food Truck

After Occupy Boston left, they got right to work with restoring the greenway to its original beautiful self - it was so great to get outside and enjoy the sunshine and green things over lunch

Everybody's loungin' around

The office

Enjoying the sunshine...

...and my toes on the soft grass...

...time for a nap :)

Exhibitionist coffee cup hahaha

Friday payday = dessert first (The Works dessert pizza at Max Brenner's)

And chocolate-dusted waffle fries with chipotle mayo dipping sauce...with my book, of course :)

And later - BOWLING! I haven't been since high school (and my final score definitely showed it haha)

Biggest plate of nachos I've ever seen in my life

The ladies of the group (there were a couple guys in attendance)

Me, Loren, and Sarah - these girls are awesome!

Breakfast! New favorite

Awhile ago, I bought a Groupon for a 2-hour massage...after the rough week I had (I know, I know, all these pictures don't really make you think it was a rough week haha, but believe me, it was), I decided to treat myself to the massage (I've been 'saving' it)...when I got to Massage Therapy Works, I helped myself to some lime water (definitely loved the decanter - is that what it's called?)

Going through the building where the office was located was a bit unusual - these guys are at the very back of the 3rd floor of a bleak/bare office building, so I wasn't sure what I was getting into...but once I stepped inside, I was greeted with a trickling fountain, incense, and comfy furniture. Very zen.

I felt like a noodle after 2 hours on this table...SO WORTH IT. I saw Deborah, who was AWESOME - I'll definitely be back for more (even without the Groupon - I think it's worth it for your overall health to go every so often).

I was craving chocolate, so I made Nutella Cookies! 1 c. of Nutella, 1 c. of flour, 1 egg, back for 10-12 minutes on 350 and presto! Instant cookie :)

While they did turn out well, I would only recommend making them if you're in a real pinch - they tasted a bit floury and weren't sweet enough for my liking. I might try adding peanut butter if I try them again.

As you can see, I'm kind of a hypochondriac....but I have Dr. Mom to help me out :)

This week I've been kind of obsessed with Words with Friends....this was a super close game with my friend Michael (see the tied score with only 2 letters to go?)

But I won! Shew! 

Today I went to church and then met up with Adanna at ZuZu for lunch

It was really cute!

Mmmmmmmmmmm....waffle with avocado smash, fried green tomato, poached egg, and hollandaise sauce with breakfast potatoes and cheese grits - delish!


Junkyard Dog...forgot I don't like Dijon mustard - womp womp

Even though I have the artistic talent of a 4-year-old, I find it really relaxing to sketch.

Today is Father's Day (love you Dad!) and I want to give a shout out to BOTH of my awesome parents - you guys are both stupendous and you each help me get through life in your own parents you totally balance each other out and each have knowledge and expertise that help me :) You guys ROCK!!!!!!!!!

Dad, I hope you had a wonderful, awesome, and fun birthday and Father's Day weekend - I wish I could have been there for it, but I'll see you soon enough!

Here's to hoping I make it through another week!
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  1. Waaa-aa-aaaay too much to comment on! I loved everything, and got a chuckle from the exhibitionist!

  2. I love this & u ! U made smile and forget this body pain while in the hospital waiting room! Miss u

    1. Oh no! I hope you feel better and glad I could make you smile :)