Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What happened this week in the life of Emily

Had some pretty cool stuff going on this week...the pictures will explain it all better than a couple of paragraphs :)

Chessa came to Boston!!! She flew in from San Fran for a conference....after she got out, she came to see me at work, so of course we had to head up to the top floor for the best view in town. My face looks goofy but check out *THE SHOES*

Oh silly Chessa gettin' picture crazy

Girls night out! 

Missed this girl....like A LOT.

Out at the club! First stop was The Point in the North End, then we hit up Middlesex in Central for some dancing. So. Much. FUN.

My first experience with raw oysters... The taste was alright (you squeeze on some fresh lemon juice and put a dab of cocktail sauce on top) but the texture was just plain weird. Glad I tried it but it's not something I need to eat again.

Transition photo - I love that this is what I see when I wake up in the morning! Tons of sunlight streaming in, my pretty flowers, the reflection of my French Doors photos...makes me happy :)

So as most of you know, I have about 30 New Years Resolutions I'm working on, one of which is to cook one new thing per week. On Sunday I headed over to my friends Lawrence and Niraj's place to hang out before the Super Bowl. We all got hungry and Lawrence taught me how to make fresh pork dumplings! 

Step 1: Blanch bok choy, drain, mince, and squeeze out excess water. Rehydrate some dehydrated mushrooms by soaking in water, then mince. Add into mixing bowl with ground pork, salt, pepper, olive oil, soy sauce, and some Chinese cooking sherry. Mix by hand (crucial to mix with hands!).

Lawrence, the Dumpling Master

Niraj, the Watching Master

Now get some dumpling shells, found at your local Asian food market

Also get a bowl of water and a cookie sheet

Spoon pork mixture into dumpling shell

Wet the outside rim of the dumpling shell

Fold in half and pinch in the middle

Fold in the tips to make a little pocket

Ta-da! Dumpling

Presto - you've got a bajillion dumplings just ready for the eating! But wait...you just cook them! They can either be boiled if you need to make a ton in a hurry (being careful not to let the mixture turn to mush - add cold water to the pot to keep dumplings from sticking together) or by pan frying (add some oil at the bottom of the pan, fry dumplings until they are brown on the bottom, then pour in a small amount of water - watch out for the popping hot oil! - and cover with a lid and steam the rest of the way).

Pan fried on the left, boiled on the right. Served with a sesame oil, soy sauce, and toasted sesame dipping sauce, made my the oh most wonderful Niraj. These guys really are amazing :)

View from L & N's rooftop deck - I am infinitely jealous, but will most definitely be stopping by to take advantage of the view once the weather gets nicer.

Who has the world's sweetest baby brother?????? THIS GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Benjamin came up with the idea to send out Valentines all on his own and I got mine in the mail yesterday. It made my day - Benjamin I love you!!!!

So the focal point of this picture is supposed to be the full moon, but the camera on my phone isn't advanced enough to zoom in and take clear pictures...but it's still a pretty snapshot 

And to round out this post...a picture of the 10 oz filet mignon topped with brie, prosciutto, and fig demi-glaze I got while out to a team dinner at Smith & Wollensky. Truffled mac & cheese and green beans with toasted walnuts and brie cheese on the side made this a most excellent way to end my Tuesday.

Time for bed pour moi... Night night!

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