Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Vow (and other things)

Yesterday I had a 'girls day' and it was AWESOME. It's been awhile since I've had the chance to do some all-out girly stuff for such an extended period of time. I met up with CJ and Lisa at Quincy Market where we perused the shops (and did a little purchasing as well) and then tried to head out for something sweet (but the lines at Mike's Pastries, Modern Pastry, and the Thinking Cup were RIDICULOUS) before going to the movies to see The Vow... It was an awesome day and I enjoyed every minute of it...up until the last 5 minutes of the movie. I won't ruin it for anyone who hasn't seen it, but let's just say that in my book, that was THE most unsatisfying movie ending of....all time. Yep, top bad ending award goes to The Vow. But hey, at least you get to watch Channing Tatum for an hour and a half, right?

On to some photos from the past week or so....

I was going through old (digital) photo albums and reliving my study abroad semester. This is one of my absolute favorite shots of one of my favorite spots in the city - Sacre Coeur. The painter's square is just around the left side of the building...

Something to brighten my workday - a champagne truffle and the fuzzy penguin I keep at my desk (cause it's cute) :)

Walking home from dinner with CJ and Lisa, I passed by a twinkle-light-lit street and it made me happy. I really need to get some twinkle lights for my room...

New recipe for this week - something I've seen online a lot this past week: baked avocado with egg. I chose to top mine with Tabasco sauce and shredded parmesan cheese. Pretty tasty!

For Valentine's Day...haha, get it?

I don't know if anyone else watches "The Voice" but it's something I tune into occasionally. Well this past week featured a singer named Chris Cauley (he's really awesome) and guess what - I've actually met him! He performed with saxophonist Will Scruggs at Western Carolina University where I was attending Summer Ventures (math camp FTW). I bought his CD and got a picture after his show - a fan from the beginning! You can watch his audition on The Voice here.

Adanna got me started on taking walks over lunch which is a great way to get in some exercise and fresh air in the middle of the work day. This is a shot from my walk on Tuesday.

Cute little tug boat :)

One day I will make it here for a crab least, I'm assuming they serve crab cakes there haha...

I can never get enough of this! I love the city!

I can't wait for summertime - this is going to be gorgeous :)

Ayep, I work on Atlantic Ave...

I got a new desk!!!! Just look at all that space..... It's heaven (oh the little things)

I've missed having walls so I could put up pictures (don't worry family, I'm bringing some photos from home to put up!)

A clock...on a building...somewhere at night. I thought it looked cool.

Playing the finger game at Coogan's with Charlie and Dante.

Chocolate chip and walnut pancakes for breakfast...cause I can!

I saw this chair outside of an antique shop on my way to the dry cleaners and thought very hard about getting it...if it's still there when I pick up my clothes I may just have to bring it home with me!

There are a ton of street performers at Quincy Market/Faneuil Hall. While on the top floor of Urban Outfitters, we saw this guy...putting his whole body....THROUGH A TENNIS RACKET. Unbelievable...

Can you see it???

Gives me the heeby geebies 

This stuff (at Victoria's Secret) smells AMAZING.

After shopping as we were walking towards the movie theater we passed by the open air market in the North End. I wasn't prepared for grocery shopping but I'll definitely be back - the prices were INSANE (insanely good, that is).

Green beans - 2 lbs for $1!!!

I think it's open every day...

Me, CJ, and Lisa grabbing snacks before The Vow

One of my purchases from the day - this gorgeous purse! I can't help it, handbags are my kryptonite. 

And this infinity scarf to match - on sale for $6 :)

I showed you a shot of the full moon I'd taken on my cell phone, but this photo by my coworker Cullen Winkler does it way more justice. He's super talented - you can check out his blog/more of his work here:

Another shot by the talented Mr. Winkler. 

And the last from Cullen - a view of the Boston skyline. Big thank you to Cullen for letting me post these!

And lastly - what I'm doing right this moment. I'm waiting for my sheets to get out of the dryer so I'm writing up this blog post on my bed while enjoying a snack I love to have growing up (introduced to me by my neighbor Mimi from back in Fayetteville) - hot tea with Danish cookies.

On the docket for this coming week? Meeting up with Adanna tomorrow on our DAY OFF for a walk and grocery shopping, meeting up with my trainer after having been sick this past week (no idea how much of a setback it's been not to work out - eek), figuring out the scary world of doing your taxes, giving a presentation at work on my experiences volunteering with Year Up, and grabbing coffee at Thinking Cup, picking up dry cleaning, working out, cooking a new recipe, reading my next book...oh yeah, and my day job ;-)

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  1. Fantastic post! Love all the pics, yours and not yours---and Benjamin loved the copy of the penguin pic you sent him. In a real letter, no less! He carried it around.....