Sunday, February 26, 2012

The week leading up to the EPIC TRIP

So I've been trying to cut back on spending/going out in preparation for hitting up NYC so I don't have a whole lot to report on this week... But I am SO. FREAKIN. EXCITED to go to New York City for the first time ever! Madeline and I are heading there for 4 days and then coming back to Boston for the remainder of her spring break (she's never been to either) aaaaaaaaaaand she'll have her 22nd birthday while we're in NYC. It doesn't get much better than that! So basically next week's blog will be amazing - I can't wait to post all the pictures I'll be taking! Ok, so for this week...

Whole Foods has the most appealing displays ever! I just read an article about this and how WF appeals to Millennials - you should definitely go check it out here.

I don't even like peppers that much and this makes me want to do nothing but sit down with a bell pepper in each hand taking bites out of them like they were apples.

New discovery - Vermont Maple & Sea Salt popcorn. Quite the process to make (pop popcorn, open bag, add canola oil pouch, shake, add sugar and salt pouch, shake), but oh so worth it...

My lunch/dinner last Sunday - the aforementioned popcorn, fresh cut strawberries and kiwi, and black beans and quinoa with avocado. I felt really healthy...

This next series of photos illustrates the progression on my tea experience at Thinking Cup Cafe. I ordered a green tea and got this amazingness - you get a cup of piping hot water and this mossy ball thing in it and you're like 'hmmmm, somebody dropped dirt in my tea....' Well, low and behold, the mossy ball thing opens up into a flower! That's the 'teabag'! People come up with the coolest stuff...

Doesn't it just make you feel like you're in a hippie version of Willy Wonka? Cause obviously Willy Wonka would have candy and chocolate and the like, but this is the 'healthier' version.

Aerial view

Almost done :(

Yesterday I met up with Niraj for brunch. We'd originally planned on going to Stephanie's but apparently they don't serve brunch on Saturday. I was bummed about this at first, but then Niraj suggested we have the exact opposite of brunch instead - SUSHI! I still hadn't found a good sushi spot in Boston so I was definitely willing to try a new place and Umai didn't disappoint! We were lucky enough to get seated in the little alcove facing the street so we got plenty of bright sunshine and could people watch as shoppers walked up and down Newbury Street. Since this was no longer a brunch place, there weren't any cocktails but we did try this delicious beverage - sparkling saki! I'm not a huge saki fan but this was actually really tasty! It was very light and refreshing - I highly recommend trying some :)

My Deluxe Combo Lunch Special - 6 pieces of the chef's choice and a spicy tuna roll. More spicy mayo on the side, of course.

After sushi, I met up with some new friends at MiniLuxe to get our nails done (something I'd only had done twice before). I really liked this place because you could see just how clean it was - the opened a new pack of surgically sterilized nail tools for me when I sat down, so you're guaranteed cleanliness. The girl doing my nails was really friendly and talkative and and it was really relaxing. I think I'll definitely be heading back to pamper myself a bit every once in awhile :)

The epic wall of nail polish. The color names were really cute!

After getting our nails done we headed to Max Brenner to satisfy our sweet tooth (tooths? sweet teeth? I dunno) so I had some marshmallow hot cocoa. See my pretty nails? 

To finish out my day, I'm going to try to sell some old clothes to a thrift store (need all the extra cash I can get for NYC!), go grocery shopping for the short week, finish cleaning my apartment, and I'll have some people over this evening to watch the Oscars. Then this week I'm meeting up with my trainer, working, packing, and HEADING TO NYC ON THURSDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to tell you all about it! :)

Oh oh - almost forgot - I have to share this video with you! It's probably the coolest medley I've ever heard....they're a bit pitchy at times, but it's hilarious and well done - the guy singing the Tarzan song is my favorite but the Little Mermaid scene is AMAZING: 

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