Monday, December 2, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas :)


My mind can't comprehend how fast 2013 has just flown by...especially the last few months! Ever since I started my new job I'm constantly on-the-go and I blink...and another week is gone. I've got a lot of ground to cover so let's get straight to the good stuff - the photos!

Lately I've become more and more obsessed with makeup... I got this Stila eyeshadow in champagne - it's so pretty!

Homemade poptart! (from a local bakery, but still way better than the things wrapped in foil)

Haha - only on Halloween do you see a Greek god driving the Saturn next to you

Team outing with the work peeps! <3 argyle

I didn't all....

Pretty fall leaves - I was sad to see them go!

Another new obsession - homemade chai tea lattes! Just heat up soy milk and then steep your chai tea in the milk and add a touch of honey. I also used my emulsion blender to froth it up a bit. Yum! 

Fall on my front steps

My beeeeeeeeeeautiful seester!

Found a new favorite... far the BEST eclair I've ever had

Finally got to hang out with V! It's not so easy to meet up now that we don't work for the same company but we still have a blast when we get to hang out

Cookie. In a mug. a mug. Wonderbar. 

Made pulled pork for tacos a few weeks ago - reminded me of my dad cause he always used to do this when he made us BBQ

Hanging out with Loren and Sarah means chocolate is involved...we went to the Melting Pot

So. Good.

I *finally* caved and got a snuggie! Gotta be Carolina, of of the best purchases I've made this year haha

A wee serenade from wee Cole at community group

Haven't been here since my DECA days!

Had to stick with the classics - stuffed French toast with the usual

Best roasted corn mmmmmmmmmm

Brunch, party of one

Couldn't get over the cream pot! Too cute! my pancakes. Interesting...

Andres (V's little brother) got a job at the 'bux - he's an excellent barista! 

Decided to do something a little crazy....

...and then do something even more crazy (a keratin treatment!) - don't worry, you'll see pictures of the finished product in a minute :)

Happy Birthday Han!!!

She's the sweetest...

One of the last decent days of fall - Gloria wanted to fly a kite so we did! 

It wasn't really windy enough so she had to give it a running go, but she still had a blast

The finished product!

New favorite after-work drink spot - sip. You can buy wine by the full glass, half glass, or 'sip' (just a taste of 3 oz)

It's RED! 

Shameless bathroom selfie ;-)


Hahahaha caught her by surprise

Breakfast time! Renee's for corned beef eggs benedict 

...we got the same thing (cause she copies everything I do...oh the problems of being an older sibling)

Having a drink at home before heading out to dinner

We love each other :)

All dolled up - isn't she simply GORGEOUS????

Sitting in a the elevator. Had to.

Dinner is served :)


Simply. Amazing.

Literally *the most amazing* foie gras I've had thus far...and the coolest part was that I posted this photo on Instagram and the chef who prepared the dish found it and commented!! Too cool!!!

My main course...

...and dessert (peanut butter and chocolate souffle)

With coffee, of course

Sisters enjoying dessert

I normally don't like bloody mary's, but for some reason I saw someone else order it and just had to have one - and I liked it! Definitely going back to Friendly Toast for another sometime soon

Brunchin' it up....

...with Mexican mash (yep, she copied me again)  

We're gonna sign up for a 5k and each wear a track suit and we shall look awesome.

Last night in town, gotta round it out with a Blue Zone from Helen's Roast Beef in Medford (buffalo chicken with blue cheese mmmmmmmm)

Made my famous green bean casserole for the Thanksgiving potluck at the Pipkins'

Got to hang out with this lady while I was there :)

Post-meal food coma board games with the crew (click to enlarge)

Yesterday Gloria and I did arts and crafts

She made some pretty stellar Christmas cards!

I am SO. EXCITED. My very first Christmas tree!!!!! Had to get a real one, of course - can't move from Christmas tree farm country and settle for a fake one.

It's coming together :)

Decorating :) - I played the Mannheim Steamroller album that my family always plays at Christmas...felt like I was home...minus the 5 crucial people I normally spend it with...

(These photos are for you, Mom - I love you!!!)

Gus Gus! 

Swing Bear always goes front and center - I love all my ornaments!!! It's a tradition my mom started to get each of us an ornament every year so that when we got our own places, we would have ornaments from home for our trees. This is the first year any of us have 'left the nest' for the holidays - I'm sad not to be going home but so happy I can still have part of it up here!

Saw these guys and couldn't pass them up - R2-D2 and C-3PO!


I've had this Santa for over 2 decades...

My cute little tree! Already started my present-wrapping too - family, if you want your gifts, you're gonna have to come to Boston! Just kidding, I'll mail them down...but they're going to look nice under my tree for a few days first :)

I even got my stocking to hang up! My mom made stockings for me and my sisters when we were little...mine has Santas all over it

The finished product (click to enlarge) 

The kitchen can't be forgotten! 

Me now - writing up this blog post, chillin in my snuggie in front of the Christmas is good :)

How on earth did I go from Halloween to Christmas in the same blog post??? I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally have to get back into the groove of posting on a regular basis... There will definitely be more updates during the holiday season - have quite a few things planned with my Little Sister and holiday parties and the like...

Happy Holidays!!!! 

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  1. Oh boy oh boy oh many good pics--I don't know where to start! How about if I just say I love R2D2 and C3PO and I wants'em? And I love your holiday decorating...and I'm glad you and Madeline had such a good time...and the food pics...well, you know...

    Love you!

  2. P.S. I forgot to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the tree decorating photos!