Sunday, October 27, 2013

Why fall is my favorite season

Yes it's 8 pm. Yes it's Saturday. Yes I'm laying in bed in my jammies blogging. I love being an adult who can make her own decisions and feels no shame at staying in on a weekend night. it's Sunday afternoon...I ended up watching Youtube videos of make up tutorials and fell asleep. So aaaaaaaaaaaaanyway, here's what's been going on the past little while:

Remember those baggies of pre-made omelette toppings I had at the end of the last post? Well this is how it turned out! Breakfast of champions...

(this one is for the parentals)

Turkey chili for lunch this past week - hearty and healthy!

THIS is why I love fall. I can't get enough of the crisp air, cool breeze, and colors that just POP.

Sign outside of a bar...

Another reason I love fall....

Last weekend Gloria and I got to go to an ice rink so that she could try hockey! 

Learning to skate

She got the hang of it really quickly - she was skating on her own and hitting the puck around by the end of the session!

Posing for the camera

Thumbs up for trying hockey!

Afterwards we came back to my apartment and made French Breakfast Muffins (one of my specialties)

Topping them off with butter (of course) and sugar and cinnamon

This is why I love living in Somerville/Cambridge - you get free stuff like this!!! It actually does work and I have a DVD player I've been holding on to so now all I need are the connecting wires and I can watch movies in my living room!

Last week after church Sarah and I grabbed brunch...the drink brought me back to London...

...the meal brought me back home :) 

On Monday we had a team dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in the entire world - L'espalier (halibut seen here)

*The best* lamb I've ever had.

Grande fromage


My dessert - I got chocolate since I'm allergic to the nut dish everyone else got...I think I got the better end of that stick haha

Adorable puppy outside of Starbucks after a coffee run one morning - looks like a mix between a lab and a retriever. I wanted to take him home!

Reason #439248 I love fall...especially fall in New England

I've been missing London a lot lately...if I close my eyes after taking a bite of egg and Marmite on toast it feels like I'm back there

Loved this cup

Garlic duck and rice (om nom nom nom)

Splurged on some fried ice cream - WORTH IT

On Thursday I got to take care of this little munchkin!

All smiles for Emily

Bedtime routine - reading of many many books...

She's getting sleepy...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand she's out! 

Haha saw this and it cracked me up

Yesterday Gloria and I got to go to Connors Farm for a Big Sister sponsored event - first up, the corn maze!

Picture perfect...

As soon as we saw a bouncy thing, we *had* to try it

Gloria loved it!

...I might have had a little fun too ;-)

Pedal tractor racing

~ fall ~

Cute swings, right?


Tractor ride!

Pig race (they didn't seem to want to go anywhere)

And lastly - closing out the afternoon with a bonfire :)

I'm definitely loving the cooler weather, scarves and boots, hot coffee, and finally getting back to enjoying cooking in my kitchen (because it's not 8 million degrees). I just pulled roasted carrots and brussel sprouts out of the oven and I'm going to head out to grab coffee with Sarah and Katelyn in a little bit. Work is going well, church is great, Little Sister is enjoying is good :)

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  1. Ahhh, my little Sweet are bee-yoo-tee-ful and Gloria is a cutie. Your pics are gorgeous as always and we share a love of autumn. Happy October!

  2. I love that bouncy thing. I remember seeing those in France. Think I bounced my brains out. I need to start eating before I read your blog.