Friday, July 20, 2012

Going home...and coming back

I finally got a much-needed break and went home! Lacey's wedding was on Saturday and then I spent the rest of the time at home hanging out with my family.

I think pictures tell a much better story...

These remind me of my childhood - my elderly neighbor, Mimi, used to keep these at her house and give them to us when we came over :)

How to spruce up popcorn: immediately add in a pack of M&Ms (they get all good and melty)

Beautiful flowers at the office probably one of the most exciting things to happen in my career thus far. It's taken me a year to figure out how to get separate spreadsheets to show up on each of my monitors. It was a big day...

Flying into RDU - so stoked to be home!!!!

Aaaaaaaaaaand no trip to NC would be complete without stopping at Bojangles :)

I walk in the front door and what awaits me??? Dad made BBQ!!!!!!!!! Mom made coleslaw!!!!!!!!!!! There's a tall glass of sweet tea!!!!!!! Doesn't get much better than that....

Rehearsal! That's me, Lacey (the bride), Shonda, and Autumn (Lacey's sisters)

The shrimp and grits from the Rehearsal Dinner...mmmmmm

These were totally my idea - Justin (the groom) is a chef, so I thought it'd be really cute to do chili pepper boutonnieres to play off of his profession. Lacey made these herself!

Gettin' our hair did

Sign in the bathroom of the salon....ha

You know you're in the mountains when....

Autumn's hair - so pretty!

Lacey had to hide when we passed the cabin where Justin was

My hair - waterfall braid

Side view


Beautiful bride

I loved her dress!

It's good luck to have rain on your wedding day...not good for an outdoor wedding

Friends for a decade - that's CRAZY

We were having too much fun :)

I got to be a witness and sign their marriage license! It's official folks :)

Dessert table - Lacey's great grandmother made the quilt

Lacey's grandmother made all the cupcakes...

...and the cake!


Love these adorable boutonnieres!

After the wedding, the weather cleared up and we headed to a cabin so a more relaxed reception 

Right on the river

This stove made me think of Dad :)

Playing some games :)

On my drive home, I was craving a hotdog and crinkle cut fries, so I stopped at this southern grocery store 

...and saw these (didn't buy them). I think they might rival the bacon-flavored ones I found in Canada

Me and the baby bro chowin down

AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! A skull is in our picture!

Hahahaha I love him so

Dad kept cooking the most amazing things while I was there...

This is a Black Forest Cake

The Chef

Cooking it in the Dutch Oven!

All Mom's pretty flowers

I'm not really an outdoorsy person, but I love our yard with all it's green stuff

Mom's garden! So glad I finally got to see it (she tells me about it almost every time we talk)

The chicken coop

Tiller (for mulching the dirt in the garden)

The Dutch Oven (there's a cake in there)

Oh. My. Gosh. I love going home sosososososososooooooooooo much!!! Dad grilled out - kielbasa, chicken, burgers, potatoes carrots and onions, baked beans, macaroni salad - he made it alllllllllll :)

Flowers in Mom's flower box

It rained a lot while I was home...

Benjamin wanted for us to make a we did!

"Pirets" (his spelling of it) - words by Benjamin, Pictures by Emily 

The End

I noticed a theme while I was's all about the pirates!


He also had his last swimming lesson while I was home

He does the dog paddle really well 

And he's not afraid of the diving board

...but he doesn't like getting water up his nose (like his big sister)

Little fishy

My friend Tara posted this on Facebook and I thought it was hilarious - I want one

Last meal Dad made me - Hungarian Chicken with steamed broccoli and fresh sliced tomato (it's one of my favorites)

On the ride to the airport, Benjamin offered to let me play with one of his toys....this is the one he gave me

Uh-oh....I sense a prelude to the teenage years

I must have gained 100 pounds on this trip....wrapped it all up with a trip to Only Burger in Durham before my flight out. That's a burger...with a fried green tomato...and pimento cheese. Life. is. Goooooooooood.

Even the airports in NC have BBQ (but nothing beats Dad's) ;-)

Back to Boston!

Vanessa and I went on an adventure for lunch on Thursday and found Cafe du Boston...and peach iced tea! I haven't had any since I was in Paris...I lived on the stuff when I first moved there because I was afraid to try the water haha

I got the salad bar (little bit of everything)

I love plants...greenery...nature - seeing it just makes me happy

Cool statue on the lunch walk

I hadn't seen these guy in quite some time, so we met up in Davis Sq to hang out and catch up...can't wait til they're actually my roommates!

The line to see The Dark Knight was RIDICULOUS - it went from the theater, wrapped behind the T station, and all the way up the bike path. CRAZY.

Since I didn't go grocery shopping this week, I've had to venture out for lunch. Today I tried a local seafood joint, James Hook and Co

You know your lobster roll is gonna be fresh when there's a tank of them in the restaurant

Thought this looked cool

After work, CJ and I went shopping....and came across this gem

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA (that's a big fat NO to the sequined jumpsuit)

SO PUMPED for this dress!

Yeah you can tell I'm excited 

Um.....whyyyyyyy??? This tote bag (which looked like it came from 1st grade art class) was $80. Again - whyyyyyyyyyy???

We have waaaaaaaaay too much fun when we get together - had to try on these gargantuan sunhats and that just led to shenanigans in TJ Maxx 

My favorite baby brother :)

So there ya have it ladies and gents - my life in pictures :)

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