Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bump on the head

This week has been interesting...lots of things are changing (when does it ever stop??) - my current roommates are moving out (FINALLY), I'm heading into the 2nd year of my 2 year program at work, health-wise things seem to be getting better (or at least staying calm for the moment), my awesomely awesome new roommates are moving in, I'm getting older....this really stressful period of my life that's been going on for the past few months seems to finally be coming to a close (and I couldn't be happier)...I just need to get through the next few weeks of switching housemates, getting re-settled, and going through my one year review at work and I think things should be ok for a little while.

Before the pictures, I'd like to take you to a link for my Stella and Dot trunk show! Pictures of the jewelry are at the bottom of this post, but here's the link to my personal site - please purchase!

Here are the pictures from the past week:

She knows me so well :) I really needed this!!!! Love you Mom :)

Love the titles of these rooms: "Manly Manuscripts" and "Titilating Titles"

CJ came over and did my nails! She gave me a French manicure on my fingernails and painted my toenails royal blue. SHE'S AWESOME!!!!!!

On Tuesday, I took a personal day because I had 3 doctor appointments lined up. I treated myself to a Nutella strawberry crepe and a mocha...

...and enjoyed every last bit!

I like this sign - I want it

I also visited The Harvard Coop in between appointments and got in some quality reading (without having to make the purchase!)

Going on my list haha...

So far, very interesting

I also volunteered to be in some promotional materials for Cambridge Savings Bank (I may be in a commercial, on the ATM screens, or on posters wahoo!). For participating, I got some cool CSB swag, including branded chewing gum (which I had never seen before)

I love it when coworkers go on business trips (and bring goodies back) - we have coffee from Hawai'i and pralines from Louisiana

INGENIOUS - a postal truck (so you can purchase stamps and mail things on the go)

View of downtown from the new corporate apartment

One day....I shall live here and this view shall be miiiiiiiiiiiine

Pool included

More view also included

Even more view included

Comfortable viewing area included

Sunbathing area included

Vanessa and Emily not included (womp womp)


Too much fun in the elevator...

OH BOY - I haven't owned a watch since middle school, so I was super stoked to have this one arrive in the I just need to find a jeweler to make it smaller....

Sort of reminds me of the Paris metro....ALMOST

Rotating dessert trays at Veggie Galaxy

I got the baked Mac 'n' Cheese

The ladies of my community group

Funny story about this....Hope (Pastor Adam's wife) just celebrated a birthday so Adam took their 3 kids to go pick out a present for Mommy....and this is what she got! Oooooooh the sparkles and jewels.....funny enough, today is Adam's birthday and guess what he got....ayep, an adorable penguin iPhone case (oooooooh payback) ;-)

I know people want to get creative when naming their wireless networks...but is this really necessary?

All the ladies

I've been really good about going to the gym this week - I went 4 days in a row! Only on the 4th day I was stretching and somehow a piece of PVC pipe fell and bonked me on the noggin' hurt pretty bad....

But Sarah still made fun of's ok, I'll still be her friend :)

Icing it a day later (and it's STILL bruised!)

Friday night I went out for the first time in AGES to Royale with the new awesomely awesome roommates and CJ

James and I having too much fun

CJ and I finally got to dance!

So this is a super cool thing happening this week - I'm selling Stella and Dot jewelry! I have several pieces lent to me by a friend and I'll get to wear them and show them around...if you'll see me this week, be sure to ask about them! If you're off in internet land, you can still participate - there's a website where you can order these lovely pieces! And if I get 4 of my friends to place orders, I get cool *free* stuff - so order up!

It's all gorgeous

You can't go wrong with whatever you get

I might have to get this bracelet for myself....

Ok folks - time for me to go switch over my laundry and get some work done. Hope you have fabulous weeks!

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