Sunday, March 11, 2012


Having people come visit me basically gives me carte blanche to go out and eat whatever I want....cause hey, I have to show my guests the culinary delights of Boston right? After coming back from NYC, Mad and I went around Boston for the last leg of her spring break...

I showed Madeline the awesomeness that is Trattoria Toscana. We started the meal with crostinis topped with all sorts of goodies (chicken liver pate, is the only one I can remember...). All were delish!

Oh gnocchi with gorgonzola sauce and toasted walnuts how I've missed you...

After dinner we took a 5 minute walk to the MFA. I discovered wings and exhibits I didn't know existed!

I wanted these least I think they were vases

Cool display - no idea what they're supposed to be

After going to the Met in NYC I started noticing pieces done by the same artists at the MFA - too cool! There was a bigger piece like this one at the Met

And one of these creepy wall ladies too!

Loved this armchair...I'll have one one day :)

This display is actually the backgrounds for ad posters done by the artist in the 70s (I think it was the 70s) - cool colors

Biggest bead curtain I've ever seen

What IS this???

Newly discovered oriental exhibit

Newly discovered fashion sketches exhibit :)

One of the souvenirs I bought on the streets of New York - a handmade bendable seahorse! It's made of bamboo and makes a lovely addition to my ivy.

After the amazingness that was Ess-A-Bagel in NYC, I had to try my hand at my own chocolate chip cream cheese on whole wheat. It's not the same (store bought bagels will NEVER compare) but it satisfied the craving. For the cream cheese recipe, click here.

Madeline discovered these adorable mugs at Anthropologie. So long Christmas Starbucks work mug, hello cute teacup!

Last dinner in Boston? Tres Gatos of course!

Yummmmmmmmmy Patatas Bravas

A new menu addition - Tortilla Espanola. A potato torte (of sorts) made with quail eggs and a house-made aioli. The flavors were SO. DARN. GOOD.


New haircut!

Wrapping up a delectable meal with churros - crispy fried dough sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar dipped in chocolate.

New haircut - straight version! I'm *loving* it short!

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  1. You and your ridiculous armchairs! Haha, I'm sure you'll have the ugliest one someday.......

    And I recognize those Patatas Bravas, and you're right, they need to make it into every visiting family member or friend's dining plans!

    The haircut is gorgeous, both ways. Love you!