Tuesday, March 6, 2012

...and the rest

SKIP THIS POST AND COME BACK TO IT!!!!!!!!! Read the post directly below FIRST (titled "As promised") and then come back to this one....I ran out of room without realizing it.

The New York Public Library

These Lego sculptures are everywhere...

It was so gorgeous! I could definitely come here to read for hours :)

The ceiling

A reading room

WAHOO!!!!!!! We made it to the Empire State Building!

We went up to the 86th floor - we climbed the last 6 flights of stairs

Mom you would have had *the* worst case of the heeby-jeebies

So bright!

We did it - we conquered New York!

I'm in love with leopard print - found some adorable rainboots!

Last day of walking in NYC

Bye bye, New York...don't worry....

....I'll be back!

And from today (had to add these in there haha) - kimchee pancakes!

My first taste of Korean food


So that, dear readers, is my FANTABULOUS trip to NYC. It was SO MUCH FUN and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to go! I really want to try to head back in the summertime and take a more relaxed approach, but this was, if I may say so, a most excellent first trip to the city :)
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  1. The cityscapes are great, but the most awesome are the library pics. I CANNOT imagine that being my "hometown" library.