Monday, March 30, 2015

Massive Catching Up

Ok...this has been a long time coming. I'm a few months behind - life just got super duper crazy! I'll update you as I go along with the myriad photos...

I have the best roommates! They may be kooky but they're awesome :)

I absolutely *love* sitting for these kiddos - I had just the boys for a night and we had a blast together

Teaching Gloria some knife skills - we made white chocolate cranberry cookies (so so good)

After baking, I showed her how to sew (her first time!) - we made rice bags with lavender (you heat them in the microwave - kind of like a hot water bottle that smells lovely)

My little buddy

(My) first time hosting a Super Bowl party - we had such a diverse array of international goodies (not your typical spread, but delicious nonetheless)

I know a lot of people weren't that thrilled with Katy Perry's halftime performance, but I was pretty wowed with the geometric lion

Are the Pats gonna win??? (It was a nail-biter)

Em's Meals - Part 1 (cottage cheese and berries and honey, toast with avocado, egg, cheese, and sriracha)

Em's Meal - Part 2 (homemade kimchi fried rice with homemade spicy mayo, poached egg, and seaweed salad)

Em's Meal - Part 3 (tomato bisque and grilled cheese)

~just a day in the life of my gastronomic endeavors~

How perfect are these??? Celebrity Chef stamps for me!

Back in February, Aletheia hosted an If Gathering at Hubspot's Cambridge headquarters - this is the inner atrium 

The spread

Beautiful decorations by Jimmieanne

Me and Hope - I think this is our first-ever photo together after 3 years (!) of friendship! I love her so much!

Our table doing the friendship connection game

These women... <3

As a final favor, Jimmieanne had a friend from Alabama make each of us personalized notecards! 

One of our many house dinners - Middle Eastern-inspired deliciousness 

I made shepherd's pie with a poached egg - isn't it pretty?

My mom sent me a happy box to my office - full of little surprises that you can open up when you're having a bad day...made me oh so happy!
One of my favorite paintings - a piece by Joan Miro. Translated, it means 'this is the color of my dreams'

Because of the record-breaking amount of snow Boston got this winter (110+ inches total!), public transporation was a *mess*...this is just one of many days where the T was backed up

But the wintery weather sure made for gorgeous photos

Ice jewels

My friend, John, introduced me to salsa dancing at Havana Club in Cambridge. I have 2 left feet, but it's fun!

John is a pro :)

Now you have a holiday marker to see just how behind I am in blogging...the men of The North Street House put together a lovely brunch for the ladies on Valentine's Day!

We each got our own cards with details of something they admire about each of us

Gorgeous, right??? I'm so lucky to live here!

Much snow calls for innovative cooling systems (tee-hee). Christie hosted an 'un-Valentine party' that same day, with the theme of...

...Mardi Gras!

So. Much. Food.

Complete with delicious desserts

Shanae (with Christie's help) made fresh beignets 

And Christie had a stunning homemade King's Cake

Love it when I clean my room...

Fresh flowers from Abigail :)

I told you the snow was record-breaking! That's an SUV under there...

I had frost *inside* my windshield

Treacherous icicles...  

Bring your dog to work day at Bullhorn - two cockapoos! 

I got to hold the puppy - soooooooooooo cute!

A few weeks ago I was invited to an art installation at a local coffee shop, so my friend Bre and I grabbed dinner at Tatte beforehand

Look at that chandelier! 

I got vegetable fritters - so good

The artist, Molly Blumberg, had handmade paper pieces at Voltage Cafe in Cambridge. This is the one I had my eye on...

I've started working out with my friend John on Saturdays and afterwards we tend to go to the winter farmer's market at the Somerville Armory 

Fresh eggs!

One of my happy box surprises from Momma :)

Feelin' my outfit this day...stripes and leopard print

For Jeff's birthday the guys coordinated an Amazing Race-themed scavenger hunt! Part of it was having to busk outside of the T...

The crew rushing to our next destination 

Aletheia hosted it's 2nd Annual Volly Awards - a volunteer banquet for all the helpers at church!

Adam and Hope Mabry - an amazing couple

My dear friend, Kristin, moved back to Colorado in early March, so I planned an epic surprise party to send her off!

The theme: 'You're one in a million/you're a gem'

Love her to pieces!

To remember us by - apple port and a photo album of her time here in Boston

The Abster

After the party we went out salsa dancing! 

Bringing back and old favorite...

...a Full English!

Working with a trainer - learning how to do kettlebells (man they suck)

Gloria and I took advantage of the last day of snow and frozen water before everything melted

How nifty are these little slider thingies??

I injured my IT Band (silly kettlebells) but Gloria had a blast skating (her favorite activity)

No railing!

Fun snow sculptures from Frozen

Afterwards we went to the 'bucks for hot cocoa and tasty treats

Love my breakfast shots

For St. Patty's Day Flour Bakery made beef and cabbage pies...omg this was SO. GOOD.

More babysitting...

...this time with Nora!

I could just eat. him. up.


Photos from a sunset back home - I can't wait to visit again!

Finally got to try Alden & Harlow, a restaurant in Harvard Square that's been on my list for ages...

First up, headcheese fritter with a garlic aioli

The inside...yep, headcheese is what you think it is. And it's absolutely delicious.

NY Strip Carpaccio (om nom nom) 

I love dead yellow plants - they're my favorite

After I got home from dinner, Sarah was like 'Em! You look so good! We have to take advantage of this!' (this tells you how often I dress up...) So we all hopped in my car - Abs and Sarah in sweats, me in my skirt, and went to Iyo for froyo and coffee.

House photo - ladies edition!

My friends Lydia and Emmy had a 1922-themed party to celebrate their 19th and 22nd birthdays (get it?)

Sarah and I went together

...we're cool like that

This (and the next few photos) courtesy of Ms. Abigail Jean :)

Just me and the guys


Tee-hee ;-)

Haha I'm a goober

The Emilys!

Babysitting Ms. Sage while her parents did setup for church. Such a cutie pie!

Can you guess what I made? (And how much I cried?)

Getting warmer...

Quiche! With caramelized onions, roast garlic, spinach, and Gruyere

A day of marathon babysitting. First up - Theo!

Next up, Marin and Isaac! Just look at that face!

Those legs!

His naotime suit (I promise he likes it)


Just as Isaac went down, Ms. Marin woke up (and immediately showed me her ladybug)

Next day I got to hang out with Shanae - love her bunches!

We went to Salt & Olive, a local oil and spice shop

I could live here

Not only because it has delicious food, but because it's gorgeous too

This past weekend, I got tickets to see the Boston Ballet through Big Sister

So Gloria and I got to visit the Boston Opera House for the first time!

So beautiful...

Shades of Sound


Look what Gloria made me! How cute is this?!?!

My bedtime story (famous chefs talk about what they would have for their last meals)

Well this was a first - there was a fire alarm in the middle of church yesterday and we had to evacuate the Y!

Shopping for house dinner, came across this label...poor tomatoes... 

Nasry and I made ginormous burgers with all the fixin's - I even whipped up some homemade garlic aioli and a smokey ketchup. Noms.

A masterpiece!

And last new glasses! Aren't they pretty???

So, as you can see, I've been SUPER busy and life has been full of fun and amazing things! I'll try to do one more post before I leave for...Europe!!!! (More info on that coming up)

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  1. Em, I love these! so many adventures, holy crap! love the ice and icicle pictures, and your quiche look incredible. also your photo of the party is awesome! I'm so glad you came, and had fun! :)

  2. This is so funny because just yesterday, I showed new 4-Hers all your and your sisters' old project record books. One of your very early ones had a goal of "learning to use a sharp knife." So sweet, and now you're doing the same with Gloria!