Sunday, January 19, 2014

Well that just happened....

...2014, I mean!

Something happened in college...up until that point, time seemed to inch by, but then once semesters started happening the years just flew by. I have no idea where the last 4 months of 2013 went. And now here we are nearly into February...ay yi yi, I have so much catching up to do! On with the photos:

So have to start off by catching up on Christmas 2013! 

I like being an adult ;-)

Santa came to see me! (tee-hee)

Opening presents and Skyping with the fam...

Benjamin was super excited to get a lightsaber

I made an egg and cheese strata for my Christmas breakfast - DELISH

They know me so well....animal print slippers from Madeline

Over to the Mabry's for games and hot cocoa and cookies

Wyatt's getting so big! 

Yes, this is real...and no, it doesn't taste anything like bacon. Ick.

Super excited about the warm fuzzy socks Benjamin got me...

Tried my hand at making my Dad's famous hot chocolate! It was pretty good, but something was just 'off' (like anything else of Dad's I try to make...guess I gotta go home for the real thing) ;-)

"Grown up" bacon and egg biscuits - I made cheddar bay biscuits and had applewood smoked bacon. Noms...

I chuckle every time I read this...

A few weeks ago Gloria and I went to get our nails done!

Finished product - she had flowers and polka dots on hers, mine had gold points

(ready for parties!)

I'm going to try to start doing this - great idea eh?

Loving my clay mask from Mom

Did my skin wonders! (No make-up/no filter)

My new nightly skincare routine

3 years later and still love it...

Why yes I pick my bottles of wine based on how pretty the labels are. Don't you?

Happens every time.

I don't know why this tickled me so...

First weekend in January, down to Foxwoods Casino for Vanessa's birthday!

The group

Me and V.... <3 this girl!

First time at a casino, first time gambling

We hit the slots...and I lost it all. Good thing I had it capped at $20 haha

My new home gym! With my work schedule I'm not able to go to BSC in the mornings, so I dropped my gym membership and invested in a few items for in my apartment. Definitely a good option while it's FREEZING outside.

#selfie (was excited for new lip gloss)

This stuff is AMAZING...I know I blogged about it when I first bought it last spring (and I know I haven't used a ton) but I've been adding it to my omelets and it's killer!

Trying to be healthier (as always)...I saute onions and garlic in olive oil with the habanero salt and then wilt in spinach, smother in beaten eggs, and top with a touch of cheddar cheese. SO. GOOD.

Last weekend Gloria and I stayed in and made a board game!

This is something that Gloria has been wanting to do since we first got matched (one of her ideas in our first meeting). What's even sweeter is that I gave her the option of us either going to the Boston Public Library and getting hot cocoa at Max Brenner or going to my apartment for arts and crafts and she chose crafts :) 

Can't get over this omelet - I've had it ever morning for the past 2 weeks and still am not tired of it. New favorite breakfast!

Cracked me up that I was rockin' this many different prints all at once

Stopped for lunch at Life Alive in Lowell - way bigger than the one in Cambridge and more drink options

Even the bathroom is cool!

Eclectic dining sets

Cozy corners...

OMG I'm *obsessed* with this green tea latte

Goddess Bowl. Every time.

Finished the day with a sweet treat - a maple bacon donut muffin from Good Day's a little squished in this picture but oh my gosh it tasted phenomenal

Thursday night - Disclosure concert! 

Too cool

#selfie2 (you can see the shadow of my hand taking the picture haha)

Such a good show! 

Intro to the concert...

"Help Me Lose My Mind" - my favorite


Their most popular song - Latch

Lastly - this weekend...It was sooooooooooooo relaxing. Yesterday I slept in and then went to get a massage with Vanessa (she finds the best places!) and then today I went to first service at church and then brunch with my community group ladies at Tupelo (biscuits and gravy and home fries pictured here), then rounded out the day with laundry/cooking/cleaning.

It's past my bedtime - 5 am wake-up for my workout! Night night :)

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  1. As always, I LOVE the food pics! How do you do that? But what I really want to know is who got you what in your gift display? I missed some of your gift opening...and the Target cartoon? right on 'target'!!!!