Monday, April 22, 2013

Speeding right along....

Today...I got my first ever speeding ticket. I saw the cop...I saw it coming...nothing I could do to stop it...and I got a ticket :( Womp womp...

So it's been 2 weeks since I got back from London and I'm getting back into a normal routine - with some British influences ;-)

Marmite on toast with egg and pain au chocolat I brought back with me from London (oh, and my Marmite mug)

My first 'grown up' watch - purchased in Bath

NO. WAY. How have I not found this place before??? Cardullo's brings in food from across the globe...including EUROPEAN NUTELLA! OMG it's amazing...yes, I got the big jar. 

I also got clotted creams so that I could have scones, clotted cream, jam, and Assam tea :)

Guess what I'm making....

My very own full English breakfast! Complete with a London copy of the Metro

Hey Mom - doesn't this look scrumptious?! :-P

Sunday brunch with the ladies at Plough & Stars

Get it? Plough...and stars...

...and Nutella French Toast :)

Tuesday morning - I went on a little run to Alewife and then took the T back. After Monday's bombings, security was stepped up on the T

Beautiful spring tulips

Dinner with the roomies - Korean BBQ at Chung Ki Wa

"Soft Drink" in quotes

I got the LAST JAR :-D

Eating my European Nutella straight from the jar on a baguette - as it should be

A quiet night in...

Finally broke down and cracked open the Truffle Mayonnaise I bought at Harrods that I've been saving (that didn't take long, did it?) and had it with (what else?) French fries :)

Spring is finally here!

Sunday brunch with the ladies at Brookline Lunch

Mmmm mmm good

Really? As in....really???? 

Proof that yep - I got it :(

Onwards and upwards friends! 

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  1. 60 in a the UK, home of Bovril, you might have got a ban. Particularly if they had found your stash of Mmite. That would have marked you out as an offender. Feel free to read this;

    1. I had to look up what Bovril was...have I missed out on another culinary delight in the UK???? Oh dear, must mean I have to go back and try it ;-)

  2. Yes, of course...your breakfast would look scrumptious if you replaced the beans and mushrooms with biscuits and gravy. Hello Simon!

    Are you not just a bit freaked out by military personnel on duty at your local T stop?

    1. Mom - don't knock it til you try it! Soooooooooo good.... ;-)

      I wasn't expecting it when I first saw them, so yeah it weirded me out at first, but I'm kinda glad they were there...