Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012!!!!!

So let's wrap up last year and start on this one :)

My EP Family at our Ugly Sweater Christmas Party

It was almost a great picture ;-)

I'm in the New York Times!!!! You can check it out here:

This is the gorgeous lampshade Chessa found for me on sale at Anthropologie for only $25! Now I just need stuff to match it...

We had a Christmas tree decorating contest at the office... I joined team "Jew-ish" (2 Jews + me (Christian)) and we made a traditional Jewish Christmas themed tree complete with handmade sushi, fortune cookies, and soy sauce packets topped with a chopsticks star. We didn't win but it was still fun!

I made a cookie pie for the cookie party we had at our apartment


I went to watch a couple of friends from work run in the Jingle Bell 5K. It was FREEZING. I feel like I should have gotten a participants medal just for standing out there and cheering them on.

Everybody dressed up! The best was 9 reindeer and a Santa, but I didn't get a picture of them

HOME HOME HOME HOME HOME!!!!!!!! First order of business - Carolina BBQ. Duh.

The mall is gorgeous at Christmas time :)

Benjamin made us promise we'd wake him up when we got home...but there was no waking this tired kiddo up.

Three words: Dad's Christmas Ham. Nough said.

He really is the bestest dad ever. :)

OMG don't you want one???? I have the world's best baby brother :)

The *never been used* vintage luggage set we got for Madeline for Christmas. This was a really hard secret to keep!

All smiles :-D

Hahahahaha I still can't get over how goofy he looks :)

Trip = complete with HOT Krispy Kreme donuts 

This morning I made my very first frittata - it was so easy! Here's step by step instructions:
1) cut the white part off of 2 leeks; slice the stalks down the middle and then slice in very thin semi-circles
2) Heat an oven-safe skillet and melt butter; add in leeks

3) Add in sundried tomatoes (as many as you want)

4) Separately whisk together 3-4 eggs, garlic salt, pepper, and a splash of milk
5) Add egg mixture to tomatoes and leeks, crumble goat cheese on top
6) Let it cook through, then stick under the broiler for a minute or 2 to brown the top

Voila! A healthy tasty breakfast :)

A nondescript black umbrella...

SURPRISE!!!! It's my Chihuly umbrella! I finally got it with....

My MFA membership!!! Yes ladies and gents, you're looking at the now-owner of a museum membership. I can get one guest in for free anytime I go, so who's your new best friend??? ;-)

I've already gotten a head start on my New Years Resolutions - I have 29 in all as of now. I can't wait to work through them all!!!!

HAPPY 2012!!!!!!!!!

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